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Knowing Your Clash Royale Hack

Clash Royale is one of the freemium mobile video games that have taken the mobile gaming industry by storm. In fact, it has garnered the attention of most gamers over the last few months for its enrapturing capability.

Knowing the Game

Supercell, the developer behind the famed hit mobile game ‘Clash Of Clans’, brought out another interesting game, Clash Royale’. It is being called as the second edition of Clash of Clans. In clash royale hacking one can use any online website for adding free gems. This real-time multiplayer game stars the Royales, Clash characters and many more things.

The Game Plot

Clash Royale ranks its players according to level and arena. The maximum level is 13, while including the Training Camp there are 10 arenas. To become a winner, you will have to destroy maximum number of towers or the “King’s Tower” of your opponent, that will automatically lead you to victory.

At the start of each game, each player is given a “hand” of four cards from the “deck” of eight cards. In order to attack and defend, card needs to be played. A new card from the deck is attached to the “hand” each time a card is played. To unlock arenas players need to acquire certain number of trophies, which can be earned by winning battles. Also, losing a battle will lead to losing a trophy. For increase the level of the game, players need to “donate” or “upgrade” their cards.

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With each level, the experience of the players also increases. Using real money, players can purchase “gems” or “gold” which are used for buying chests and cards. If a player is playing a multiplayer game and wins the game, he/she may obtain a chest. Different level of chests contains different type of cards and those chests have their own time period to unlock. Like the Silver Chest requires 3 hours to unlock, the Gold Chest requires 8 hours to unlock, and so on. Upgrading troop’s card for health boost and other statistics can be done. A player can hold maximum number of 4 chests at a time and not more than that. Every 4 Hours free chests are given to the players.

Battling through 9 arenas require a certain amount of trophies. Players start the Royale Clash Game from the training camp which teaches the players how to play the game. After ensuring victory through all the battles will advance the players to arena 1. To reach arena 9 will require a player to earn 3000 trophies.


The Clash Royale Game combines elements from collectible tower defense, card games, and multiplayer online battle arena. On its release it received a positive review from the gaming aficionados. Pocket Gamer’s Harry Slater provided the game a score of 9/10 and also stated that the game is not only rewarding, but also nail-biting at times. He even said that the content of the game is such that it will keep you busy for weeks or for months and can get more info at facebook page.

Clash Royale Game can be summed up as a superb game that offers a perfect head-to-head battle and an engaging approach to player-versus- player game on a mobile platform.